All the plants you’re looking for, all in one place. And the adventure of growing them. That’s what STIKKLING is about.

STIKKLING is an online marketplace where anyone, everywhere, can buy, sell and discover unique plants. As plant nerds ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to find the plant you want. Even more so for a fair price from a reliable seller. That’s why it’s our mission to make STIKKLING safe and simple for everyone. Whether you're looking for the plant of your dreams or wish to sell your own home-grown greenery – we’ve got your back. But STIKKLING is more than that. It is a place for you to meet the community, celebrate plants and discover something new every day.

Our community

STIKKLING is not just about plants, it is about the growers too. That includes you!

We encourage you to express what you love about plants, share your experiences of growing them and learn from others too. Growing plants is only half as fun without the people we can share it with.

Right now, you can explore the profiles of our sellers to see what they’re growing, share your own plants and read blog posts with plant-based knowledge & tips. And that’s not all! We’re already working on new features to engage and bring the community together. That’s why your input is important to us too. We are more than happy to hear your ideas, suggestions and feedback on how we can make STIKKLING the best it can be.

Without the wonderful plant community, STIKKLING simply wouldn’t exist. Through plants, we have gone on countless adventures, grown wonderful friendships and gained invaluable knowledge. That’s why community is at the roots of what we do. We want you to be part of it too.

Our team

Although our main office is in Sweden, behind STIKKLING you’ll find a team of passionate growers from all across Europe. When we’re not working on STIKKLING, you can find us enjoying our plants, drinking a good cup of coffee or exploring the great outdoors. Besides that, you can find us engaging in the STIKKLING community too. Say hi!

See you in the jungle!


You can contact us at any time with ideas on how to improve STIKKLING, feedback or just for a planty chat. We're just a click away:
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